Being organized feels great, but getting organized may seem daunting.

We help individuals and businesses increase their productivity and efficiency by organizing and managing their space, time and resources.

The key is a systematic approach.

  • Tackle what bothers you the most first
  • Break big projects into small tasks
  • Take breaks
  • Reward yourself for small victories

Before you know it, those wild, unruly piles of paper have been tamed into orderly, compliant files.

You will learn…

  • to make decisions
  • to get things done
  • to manage your belongings, data and time
  • to set realistic goals and how to accomplish them
  • to sort, categorize, set priorities, and purge your clutter
  • to arrange & contain items you use all the time
  • how and where to store things you use less often, and how to retrieve them when needed
  • to think of time as a concrete object
  • how to maintain the system you’ve created

The following pages explain How It Works, and answer some Frequently Asked Questions


Residential: Attics & Basements-Closets, Cupboards & Pantries-Downsizing-Garages-Hobbies & Crafts-Home Office-Kids’ Rooms & Playroom-Kitchen-Linen Closets-Memorabilia-Moving & Packing-Photographs

Small Business & Home Office: Bill paying-Contact Management & Database-Quicken & QuickBooks-Daily Schedules-Desk Organization-Filing Systems-Goal Setting-Home Inventory-Mail Management-Master Calendar-Records Management-Space Optimization-Moves & Relocations-Storage-Time Management-To Do Lists-Work Flow

Executive: Communication & Work Flow-Delegation Principles-Documents & Filing Systems-Electronic Organization-Goal Setting, Prioritizing, & Planning-Paperless Office-Procedure Documentation-Project Management-Records Management-Time Mangement & Productivity

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