Rates & Packages

All professional organizing services are charged by the hour. We will provide a free phone consultation to discuss your needs, scope of the job and a mutually satisfactory plan of action.  There is a 3 hour minimum for the first session. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled for no less than 2 hours or as part of an agreed-upon package.


We offer discounts for packages of multiple hours paid in advance.  They are generally used in 3 hour sessions, but you can make other arrangements.


3 hour minimum @ $85/hr:  $255

6 hour package:  $500

9 hour pacakge :  $730

12 hour package:  $950

Jump-Start Consultation

90 minutes: $150

If you find yourself in a temporary state of disorganization, if things have just gotten away from you and you need help getting back on track, this package is for you.  We’ll conduct a 60-90 minute on-site assessment during which we’ll discuss your goals, priorities and what has been holding you back. You will get a written roadmap and action plan to get you started.  You will do the work on your own using the action plan as an outline and guide.  This package is a good option for life transitions like an empty nest, preparing for a move, or job change that has put you in unexpected disarray.

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