The Five Steps

These five simple steps will help you organize your space, time and resources to streamline your work flow so you can focus on what really matters in your life and business.

SPACE: Assess your space needs

What will you be doing in the area? What specific activities will it accommodate?

MANAGE: Sort and purge to identify your essentials

Group like items together in order to eliminate what you no longer need. Items will be donated, sold or thrown out.

INTEGRATE: Make effective use of your space

Determine the most appropriate homes for what you are keeping based on frequency of use, urgency of access, safety, and where it is used. Find the best containers – bins, shelving, files, etc. – with consideration to size, shape, protective requirements, aesthetic.

TAKE ACTION: Operate productively and efficiently

Set up processes and procedures to keep you on track now and in the future.

HOLISTIC REVIEW: Evaluate your system over time

Are you comfortable with your new routines? Can you find what you need easily? Do we need to fine tune something?

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