Sometimes it takes tough love

Sometimes it’s time to exercise some tough love and let go of unused toys.

If you are a parent of a certain age, your adult children’s belongings are probably taking up space in your garage, attic or basement.   Most of that stuff you know is junk – old school reports, textbooks, posters, magazines, stuffed animals and childhood toys.  But you’re a softie and you let those kids who no longer live with you clutter your storage with things they have probably forgotten.

You need to get tough and reclaim your space.

I’m not saying you should donate or chuck everything, but you must set limits.

Decide how much memorabilia you are willing to store for your children.  I suggest you allocate a plastic storage bin – 40-60 quart size – for each adult child.   Agree to store whatever fits in that bin.  Whatever doesn’t fit the child must either take with them, or you will donate or discard the items.

Give them a deadline and be firm.  Let them know you mean business, then follow through.  You will be amazed at how much space you’ll gain.

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