Nobody’s Perfect

What I do for a living is organize home offices.  I help people plan their space, organize their files, refine their processes and procedures, and set up systems for the most efficient use of their time and space.  I’m pretty good at it.

My own home office works well.  My desk is well-lit in a room I like and is placed so I can see the door without turning around.  I’ve made good use of vertical space with a shelving system.  My file cabinet is within easy reach and I clear my desktop – virtual and physical – at the end of every day.

But I have a dirty little secret: my small supplies drawer is messy.  Oh, I have a few pencil boxes and other containers, but it’s mostly a jumble of small items in no particular order.

The light blue box at the top middle is my college dissection kit. I hope I’ve dissected my last cat. The long item in green leather in front is a slide rule. It was handy in high school physics, but that was 40 years ago. I forget what’s in the cigar box. In the back, under the box of markers, is my set of Venus Esterbrook colored pencils circa 1966

Here’s the thing – it’s okay if everything doesn’t look perfect.  We’re all a little messy. What’s important is that your system functions for you

My bottom drawer may be a mish-mash, but I know where to look if I need paperclips or staples.  I know where my rulers and pinking shears (yes, pinking shears) are. I may have to shove some things out of the way, but I know I can find binder clips and a glue stick in that drawer.  It works for me.

Organization is not about everything looking neat and tidy.  It is about setting up systems to help you run your life without undue stress.

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