Big Green Rubber Bands

A fellow organizer turned me on to these mega rubber bands and I love them!  They’re called file bands. Use them to wrap around a stack of files going into the archives. Wrap them around an accordian file to keep it closed.  Don’t confine them to the office – they’re just as handy in the kitchen or garage.  What I like best about them (other than the groovy green color) is that they don’t disintegrate (the way ordinary rubber bands do) in Los Angeles’ dry air.  One of my faves!

These jumbo rubber bands are 7” x 1/8” and are available through most office supply stores.

You may also like a more specialized kind of file band for stacks or files.  Levenger makes a Duo Band in several sizes and colors.  Avery carries a similar X-Band under its Martha Stewart Home Office line.

Duo bands open to hug all sides of your stack
Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery X-Band


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