Why Is It So Hard To Get Organized?

I just started running after an 18 month hiatus.  I had been running marathons, half-marathons, mud runs, 200+ mile relays as well as the occasional 10K and 5K.  I had been a serious runner.

I thought I could start right up at a moderate three to four miles a day, then work back up to my previous training level of 20 miles a week.  I had stayed active in the interim, I hadn’t gained weight and I’m in relatively good shape.  No problem, right?

Well, it’s been torture.  I’m tripping over my own feet, my legs feel like dead weight and I’m gasping after two blocks. I can go no further than 2 miles of short painful bursts.  I have to force myself to lace up my running shoes for another session of hell.  Everything in me is shouting, “Quit!”

What keeps me going is that I remember how I used to feel after a good run.  I was energized, satisfied, proud of myself and I felt physcially and morally superior.  To feel that way again, I have to change my behavior and re-develop habits I’ve lost.  I know running will always be hard, but I also know that it gets easier and the results are worth it.

Getting organized is much the same.  You need to exercise unused muscles that will complain bitterly.  You need to develop new habits while your whole psyche rebels.  You need to change ingrained routines and push out of your comfort zone.  You’ll feel strong resistance to change.  It’s not easy.

But like running, the reward is worth it.  Being organized is like having a weight lifted.  Clutter is an anchor mooring you to chaos.  Cut the line and you can sail free.  You may hit a snag or two, but the constant drag on your emotional state will disappear and it will get easier and easier let go of old habits without struggle.

I think I’l go for a run….

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